I am Brian Nowak and I run Machine Cloud Creative. I have been writing music since I was 12 years old. I have always used music as a means to tell stories or convey ideas and concepts. I love programmatic music, and I love pairing music with all forms of media.

Machine Cloud Creative is the place where I pull the ideas from my brain and turn them into something for people to enjoy. That might be music, stories, videos, or cool stuff I get made for people to buy if they want to. This is a walk around inside my brain in collaboration with some of the finest artists out there.

When I discovered enamel pin artists I simply knew that I had to be a part of it. The variety and quality of artists in this field are simply stunning. I am working on my own art skills to pursue personal designs, but I will continue collaborating with artists as the variety of talent is remarkable and beyond compare. I have now moved into and am producing a variety of prints, with intention to eventually move into other merchandise and apparel.


I take great pride in the products sold here. I check and grade all my products and package items with care so they arrive to you safely. Please contact me immediately should there be any issues with your order or should something arrive damaged.

There are a few issues with the way Shopify sets up shipping. Most products sold in this store can be consolidated into a single parcel, but sometimes Shopify doesn't "see" that. This results in a customer being charged 2 shipping fees in a single transaction. In any case that items can be consolidated into a single package you will be partially refunded for the extra shipping. Please understand there may come a point where items cannot be packaged together, such as tubed prints and enamel pins in a single order. In those cases, 2 separate shipping charges may be necessary.


Unfortunately the new UK Import/EU VAT laws have made things very complicated for small businesses like mine. I am currently unable to sell to the UK/EU as a result. Hopefully systems will eventually be put into place making it easier for e-commerce businesses like mine to sell to these locations in the future.



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