A full set of number matched "The Offering" enamel pins.

The Offering Matching Sets

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The Offering number matching set

One of each "The Offering" pins with matching set numbers


- art by Rahadil Hermana of Bodilpunk
- vector and variant color work by Emi Giovannini of EmiMonster Art
- $155 + priority s/h
- 3.75” tall
- quad posted
- includes 1 collector card and 1 Nimbus Ticket

The Offering (OG): LE 40, dyed metal, full glow, epoxy
Crimson Conjurer: LE 35, dyed metal, full glow, epoxy
Hallucinator: LE 30, dyed metal, partial glitter, full glow, epoxy
Starlight Sorcery: LE 20, dyed metal, full glitter, blue glow, epoxy
Zelazny’s Dream: LE 15, copper metal, partial glitter, full glow, epoxy
You find yourself on a wooded moonlit path when before your eyes a crack of light forms in the air. It expands, opening a portal. A sorcerer stands within it, galaxies churning behind him. He offers you a cup and bids you to drink, explaining its contents will take you on adventures beyond your wildest dreams.

The portal begins to close. He urges you to consider quickly. He cannot return here again. The time to choose is now. Do you accept or refuse?

There are times in every artist’s career where strangers present them with all manner of offers: a potential pathway, a creative direction, a collaboration, or maybe a career opportunity. These can come out of seemingly nowhere and are occasionally life-changing events.
In the heat of the moment I’ve always likened these situations to being presented a potion or activated magical trinket by a mysterious adventurer or sorcerer, with no idea how the potential adventure is going to play out should I accept. Will this help or hinder? Make greatness or destroy?

Ultimately, we must decide whether or not to drink in that experience. And oh, what precarious and thrilling tales can sometimes come from even the smallest sip…

Find more of Rahadil Hermana’s work here: https://www.behance.net/bodilpunk
Find more of Emi Giovannini’s work here: https://www.emimonsterart.com/