Hunting Party B GRADE LE 15 SETS
Hunting Party B GRADE LE 15 SETS
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Hunting Party B GRADE LE 15 SETS

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Hunting Party B GRADE LE 15 SETS   

One per person!!!

Full set of Hunting Party Pins - LE 15 is B Grade, most are perfect but for a missing enamel fill cell. One LE15 has overfill on one cell.

$145 + priority s/h

- 3.75" tall
- four back posts
- all variants have epoxy
- sets and singles include collector/story card
LE 40: Hunting Party: dyed metal, full glow
LE35: Winter Warriors: dyed metal, glitter, blue glow
LE30: Spring Cleaning: copper, glitter, full glow
LE 20: Crystal Cavalry: dyed metal, glitter, blue glow
LE15: Emi's Assault: rainbow ano, partial glitter, dual glow

Artwork by Rahadil Hermana
Vector and Pantone Matching by Emi Giovannini


Tribal elders were always warning young gnomes against mushroom hunting deep in the woods. “There are unknown dangers in the thicket,” they would lecture. “This glade has always provided what we need. Don’t be greedy! There is no sense in risking the wrath of the forest!”

Things changed after an intense drought. The wee folk watched as mushroom patches around their glade slowly disappeared. The town cellars were empty and their bellies grew desperate before a merciful thunderstorm brought promise of future harvests. The young hunters woke early 2 weeks after the first rains. They gathered everything from the local patches but were sad to see the cellars filled only halfway. They voted to venture out further, both fearful of hunger and tempted by increasingly large and plentiful crops. Good fortune lead to merriment and before long the boys were singing and dancing their way into the dark forest. The large group believed their hunger troubles were over - until the ground began to shake...

The fungal behemoth overtook them in seconds. It crashed through a bushy tree line, crushing one of the youths under a gargantuan tentacle before deftly snatching up and eating several more. A mere 2 of the boys escaped the sudden slaughter, sprinting back to the village and collapsing in front of the town watch. The elders were assembled. Upon hearing the boys’ tale the oldest council member turned ash white, set her time-worn eyes on the dark woods, and half-whispered “Gather the warriors and weapons. Tell them to mount their steeds. The great terror has awakened once again. It will arrive here soon. Tell them... tell them they fight for our very survival…”

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